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Rubbish Clearance Price Guide

Rubbish Clearance Price Guide

Below is a price guide to using BRC for your rubbish and waste clearance needs. It is though, exactly that.......a guide, for we will always assess & quote for your specific requirements, on an individual basis. The tip and recycling costs we have to pay to dispose of waste, are generally constant, but our daily work schedule can sometimes provide a degree of flexibility, so it is ALWAYS best to contact us and ask for a quote.

Overall, you will always find that using a rubbish clearance service like BRC, will be far more cost effective than hiring a Skip and far less hassle too. The price we quote will be the price you pay us with no hidden costs or extras to worry about.

The chart on the right, is a guide to costs which is fully inclusive of our labour and tip fees and based upon the amount of rubbish to be removed. The Load Size is the space your waste takes up in our vehicle; Skip Size is a comparison to that space, if using a skip; the Cubic YDS is the amount of cubic yards the load is; Labour Inc* is our time included for loading the waste; Weight is the weight allowance and lastly, You Pay is the price guide cost for the rubbish removal. 

Load Size

Skip Size

Cubic YDS

Labour Inc*


You Pay

1/8 Van


15 mins


1/6 Van


20 mins


1/4 Van 

0.5 Skip


30 mins

0.5 tonne


1/3 Van


40 mins


3/8 Van


50 mins


1/2 Van

1 Skip


60 mins

 1.0 tonne


Full Van

2 Skips


120 mins

 1.8 tonne


Hazardous Item Supplements

There are though, certain specific items that by nature are deemed as hazardous, when it comes to the disposal of such items. Accordingly, tip and recycling centres do levy additional fees for the disposal of these, So the chart on the right here, provides a list of these items and the amount payable for each which is in addition, to the standard quote for general rubbish removal. 

Of course, if there are no such items among your rubbish, then the price we quote, is the price you pay. If you are aware that such items are present, do tell us in advance so we can include this in your quote and to avoid a Supplement charge being added afterwards.

The Extra Labour amount, is where the time to remove and load your rubbish, is likely to take longer than the standard time included in the price guide and is based upon two staff members working. Please note that all Labour Inclusive figures are based upon two operatives, hence 120 minutes will be for a total 1 hour duration to load your rubbish and waste.

Extra Costs/Fees


Extra Labour – per 30mins


TV's/Computer Monitors


Fluorescent Light Tubes


Fridge or Air con unit


Commercial Fridge


Calor Gas Bottles


Paint – per 1 litre




Car tyres


Heavy Commercial Waste and Builders Waste

Heavy commercial waste and variable builders waste prices, may likely vary depending on the weight. This can include bricks, blocks, slabs and concrete, mixed loads of wet and heavy wood, plaster board and builders rubble, tiles and slates, soil and sand etc. As a guide, loads of up to 2 tonnes will be charged at £300 but do call us first for further details on the numbers above or below,

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